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crystals and gem stones
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recycled sterling silver and recycling all materials

We are a mother and daughter team bringing our passion for art and creativity to you through our small business.   We aim to bring beautiful treasures to you whilst being as ethical and eco conscious as possible.

Our art is inspired by the stunning beauty of our local Pentland Hills Regional Park, as well as Edinburgh, the Lothians and Scotland.  We love nothing more than setting off in our campervan Betty with our doggies to explore another wild and wonderous area of Scotland.

We have both been making art for as long as we can remember and find it such a joyful and relaxing experience. 

We are now very excited to share our passion and creativity with you in the form of gorgeous jewellery and art - Inspired by nature, respecting nature.

We have spent many hours, days and weeks seeking out suppliers that share our environmental and ethical values, ensuring we use quality materials for all our handmade designs and creations with out compromising on our ethics.

Healing Gem Stones/Crystals

Gem Stones and crystals are an increasingly popular tool in healing and self care.  Many people use gemstones to balance energies and to become more attuned with their body and mind. 

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing, magical and spiritual powers.

Although there is no definitive scientific evidence to show that crystals in themselves heal, more people are open to working with crystals and gems stones to bring balance, relaxation and  healing.   I have certainly found them to be very helpful.

Our jewellery is designed to be wearable and beautiful.   We will also often share the possible benefits of the gems used in our jewellery so that anyone who is interested in this use can select a piece that would suit them.  Ultimately it is up to you whether you use gem jewellery as a beautiful adornment  with or without healing and balancing benefits. 

Please note we never suggest using crystals/gems in place of prescribed medicine or treatments. and, we have no liability for gemstones not providing possible health benefits.

Gemstone Ethics and Eco Assurances

Ethics within the jewellery making industry is a complex subject that covers a range of considerations including political, environmental and ethical issues.

The suppliers we buy our materials from have worked with a number of trusted suppliers for decades, as well as, small artisan companies.  They have long-standing relationships with their suppliers and have received assurances that they treat their workers fairly, providing a safe workplace, access to health care and a fair wage.

Our suppliers purchase gemstones directly from mines they know are ethically mined with minimal impact on the environment.  

Our suppliers always take the necessary steps to ensure they are working with ethically minded companies.

Information our suppliers request when potentially working with a new supplier:

  • About gem cutters - do employees have access to health care, and do they have reasonable working conditions and reasonable working hours?

  • With regards to gem rough - do they buy from mines that also treat their miners with care? (safety programs, humane working conditions, reasonable working hours, access to health care).

  • Does the business abide by all local laws (such as licensing, pollution control).

  • With regards to metals, does the firm use recycled metals and adhere to recycled metal laws.

  • Photos where applicable of the work site

  • Assurances that stones are not associated with funding war or conflict.

At Pentland Treasures we regularly review our suppliers ethical and environmental policies and practices so that we can be confident that the gems used in creating our treasures are as ethical and as low impact on the environment as possible.

Sterling Silver Ethics and Eco Assurances

We are delighted that we are able to source recycled sterling silver metal wire from our supplier that is made from recycled scrap silver in a totally traceable and fully audited process so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we use 100% recycled metal for many of our items. This does not affect the quality of the sterling silver in anyway.

When other sterling silver components in our jewellery is not 100% recycled this will be clearly noted in the item description.

Plastic Free/Recycling/Green Energy


We try to ensure that every aspect of the art we produce has minimal use of plastic from supplier, to our creative process, to the packaging we send out our treasures in.

Our jewellery is 100% plastic free.  Currently we only have a small amount of plastic waste generated from our suppliers deliveries but this is becoming increasingly minimal and is always recycled.  Any other waste materials are also recycled.


Any local deliveries we make are made in an electric vehicle which is charged using electricity on a green energy source tariff.

Animal Ethics

We do not use any animal derived products or materials in any of our creative processes or in any product we have in stock.  In terms of our gem stone supply chain, our suppliers have assured us that no animal products/animal derived products are used in mining and processing.  

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