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These gorgeous dangle earrings capture the excitment of seeing spring rainbows during April showers in the Pentlands.  They feature three fantastic natural gemstones in micro faceted bead form which are ethically sourced.  Beautiful pale purple Amethyst from Zambia, pale blue Apatite from Brazil, Mexico and Canada; and pale green onyx from India.  


All metal used in the creation of these earrings is 925 Sterling Silver and the Shepherds hooks are created from 100% recycled ♻️ 925 Sterling Silver.


They are also 100% plastic free and no animal products were used in the product or in its creation.

Care and cleaning instructions can be found in the FAQ section.

SPRING RAINBOW - Dangle Earrings - 925 Silver - Amethyst, Apatite, Green Onyx


    100% Natural Micro Faceted Gemstone Beads are ethically and environmentally sourced. 

    Amethyst from Zambia with a beautiful pale purple colour.  Amethyst is known as a master crystal.  Master crystals are believed to act as a teacher, transmitting energy frequencies that will guide you.  Amethyst is a very protective crystal which can help maintain mental clarity and physical energy.  Amethyst can improve our wisdom and personal intuition allowing us to make the right decisions for our ourselves.  This beautiful crystal is also used to help relieve anxiety and aid sleep and dreams.

    Apatite from is often used to successfully suppress hunger. This can work by wearing or carrying Apatite daily, earrings are an ideal way to do this.  It is also used to bring insight, clarity and inner peace.  Many people find apatite brings strength, motivation and inspiration.  It can also be useful when seeking to expand knowledge, physical healing and psychic abilities. A beautiful crystal with many benefits.

    Green Onyx from India is a powerful stone often used to bring calm whilst bringing strength, self discipline, will power, endurance and persistence.  This means that green onyx can be an amazing crystal to make dreaded tasks a breeze.  Combine this with increased confidence and elevated brain power green onyx can be a great support to those completing exams, tests and interviews.  Green onyx is also believed to repel negativity. 

    This trio of crystals properties make them a power house for those suffering from anxiety, depression, low self esteem and procrastination.  It also makes it a powerful trio for those undertaking exams, tests, public speaking and interviews.

    All metal used in the creation of these earrings is 925 Sterling Silver and the Shepherds hooks are created from 100% recycled ♻️ 925 Sterling Silver.  

    No plastic was used in the creation of these earrings.

    No animal products were used in the creation of these earrings 🌱


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