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These stunning double drop earrings are inspired by the beautiful early spring snowdrops that bravely dance in the breezy Pentland.  The  sterling silver drops allow the snowdrops, represented by the gorgeous, ethereal white crazy lace agate gemstone beads.


All metal used in the creation of these earrings is 925 Sterling Silver and the Shepherds hooks are created from 100% recycled ♻️ 925 Sterling Silver. They are also 100% plastic free and no animal products were used in the product or in its creation.

Care and cleaning instructions can be found in the FAQ section.

SNOW DROP BREEZE - Double Drop Earrings - Sterling Silver - Crazy Lace Aga


    100% Natural African Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone  beads are ethically and environmentally sourced.

    Crazy Lace Agate is a joyful, happy crystal that can provide an uplifting feeling, strength and courage.  It is often used to support decision making.  This can work by wearing or carrying Crazy Lace Agate - earrings are an ideal way to do this.  It is also used to bring positivity, good fortune and inspire creativity.   A beautiful crystal with many benefits.

    The Shepherd hook parts of the earrings are 925 Sterling Silver which is 100% recycled ♻️ and fully traceable. 

    The remaining metal is 925 Sterling Silver which has been ethically sourced.

    No plastic was used in the creation of these earrings.

    No animal products were used in the creation of these earrings 🌱


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