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These delicate teardrop cluster earrings are inspired by the shining, shimmering drops of spring dew froming on delicate buds and petals.  The fine sterling silver wire work supports the tiny dew drops represented by the sparkling micro faceted round blue Apatite gemstone beads.  The blue Apatite sparkles and seems to glow as the light catches their beauty, sometimes looking like a very bright turquoise, and at others, a more watery blue.


All metal used in the creation of these earrings is Sterling Silver and 100% recycled ♻️ They are also 100% plastic free and no animal products were used in the product or in its creation. 

Care and cleaning instructions can be found in the FAQ section.

SPRING DEW - Teardrop Cluster Earrings - Sterling Silver - Apatite


    100% Natural Apatite Gemstone faceted micro bead are ethically and environmentally sourced and their stunning turquoise blue colour really make these earrings sing.

    Apatite is often used to successfully suppress hunger.  This can work by wearing or carrying Apatite daily, earrings are an ideal way to do this.  It is also used to bring insight, clarity and inner peace.  Many people find apatite brings strength, motivation and inspiration.  It can also be useful when seeking to expand knowledge, physical healing and psychic abilities.  A beautiful crystal with many benefits.

    All metal parts of the earrings are Sterling Silver which is 100% recycled ♻️ 

    No plastic was used in the creation of these earrings.

    No animal products were used in the creation of these earrings 🌱


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